Is Life on Earth about to be changed?

Is Life on Earth about to be changed?

Is Life on Earth about to be changed?

One Woman, One Child, destined to change the fate of this planet

“The world will be plagued by devastating storms and earthquakes. Then I see seas that destroy coasts, claiming massive casualties. More than half of the world’s population will die.  Think of it as an apocalypse,” said late Magda Breier, a  German psychic in Quest to the Unknown (part one).

Is there still hope for humanity to save the planet from the upcoming disaster?

In the apocalyptic “Jessie Golden – 21st Century Earth” fiction series (five parts), author Annelies George will take you on the fascinating journey of Dutch  journalist Jessie Golden, an ordinary career woman, who is unware she is tasked to prevent the Earth from destruction. Will she be able to convince humanity in time that only a drastic change in our way of living might alter the destiny of this planet? And what is the role of a young child in conjunction with the upcoming disaster?

Set in today’s fast moving business world, in which the hunger for money and power leads to death and destruction, our heroine needs to unravel her own destiny. Torn between reality and the world of the unknown, she is confronted with a series of unexpected supernatural occurences and the murky world of the mob, impacting her turbulent love life. If the upcoming natural disaster of unprecedented scale can’t be prevealed, the few who will survive are facing an entirely different planet, changing day-to-day life drastically.

With the story taking place in the US, Europe and some exotic countries, the author is mixing elements of suspense, romance, mystery, magical realism, adventure and a bit of the supernatural, into a fascinating, exciting story, all inspired by the increased nature disasters and climate changes occurring around the globe.






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