With the X-mas period behind us and the second day in 2019 almost passed, I would like to share why I decided to make the video “Light” in this special time of the year. Actually, if you watch the video closely, you can probably guess why I did it. Indeed, December is usually the month of reflections and contemplation (sorry for the typo of the latter word in the video by the way, it took me this time 10 straight hours to make it and in the end I was tired and missed out on it).
In the weeks before X-mas the television stations, movie theaters or other film providers show us a great bunch of feel good movies, with the main theme centered around topics such as ‘Love’, ‘Compassion’, ‘Selflessness’, ‘Sharing’ and ‘Peace’. If you are a catholic you also might reflect on the story of baby Jesus and his mission in life. Furthermore, people tend to reflect on the past year with a new one coming, making their New Year’s resolutions.
If you do recall the video I posted last year around this time (it is called ‘Love’ and can be found on my Facebook Page and Websites), I decided to highlight once more the importance of Light as such, enabling our physical and mental well-being.
As we know Light is making physical life possible. Without it, the trees would not grow nor would they contribute to the overall level of produced oxygen that we need to survive. Neither would plants grow, necessary for the physical survival of men and beast. I can highlight many examples, but I think you will get the picture. In combination with Water, Earth and Air, Light is a key element to produce the necessary ingredients to keep our bodies going.
But Light is even more important for our mental well-being: it’s the crucial nourishment of our mind and soul. Just think about it for a minute: as a new born baby Light is the first thing we see when we enter this world. At that moment the level of Light in our heart is enormous. Only throughout our life this important feature called Love will grow, diminish or in some cases slowly fade away.
If I look at the current state of this world, Light seems to become irrelevant in the mindset of those who are only interested in themselves; big selfish ego’s that are trying to seize power, acting ruthless and only in their own interest, disrespecting other people’s feelings and/or view of life, with their most important top of mind set on making and gaining more and more money to buy the next generation of material nonsense to satisfy the emptiness in their lives.
So, with this period of reflection and the upcoming New Year’s resolutions in mind, I wanted to share once again how important it is to find or (re)invent the Light of Love in our hearts. Only if we are well aware how important Light is, we can have peace with ourselves, leading eventually to peace in this world. The latter is the scientifically proven power of the theory of Quantum Physics, whereby a positive stream of energy can snowball, enriching our lives in the long run in many ways.
Let’s make an attempt to change the world into a place filled with more Light and Love, before the current state of this society is changing us forever. After all; when Light finds its ways to Darkness, as Darkness finds its way to Light, then all that remains is LOVE!
Thank you once again for reading this post and watching my video. I wish you all the best for a beautiful 2019 filled with Light and Love. Happy New Year!
With love,

Click on the picture or link to watch the video “Light” .