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ISBN 1938015614, 9781938015618

What People are Saying

“In short, everything is linked – there are no coincidences – and I admire the way the author has been able to capture all in this fiction novel.”

Viola Robbemondt, freelance journalist (Soulwoman, Cosmopolitan) 

The author does a great job creating suspense throughout the story. The book even ends with the prologue to the second book in the series. I was interested in finding out what happens next. I highly recommend this novel to everyone who is interested in the amalgamation of the romance, crime, and supernatural genres.”

OnLineBookClub (Jaime L.)

What her Publisher is Saying



“Annelies George’s debut novel is a gripping and engaging page-turner. The story features exotic locations, mythical characters, and a steamy romance… The mystery will keep you captivated as it twists and turns. The ending foreshadows bigger things are in store for the fate of the entire planet.”


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“Darkness & Light (part 2) is completed. The Prophecy (part 3) is ready for editing. I am thrilled to start with part 4!”

 – Annelies Georgeauthor

Did you know she started the Loveable Light initiative when working on part 2?


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