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Annelies George
author with a mission
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Annelies George is an international finance professional who writes in her spare time. As a Dutch author she started to write in her late thirties. Her first work, ‘Nice Doing Business with You, Ma’am‘ (Dutch version), inspired by her own experiences as a female working in a male-dominated business world, was published in the fall of 2023. Due to concerns of her previous employers about the content, she was required to delay publication. Meanwhile, she began writing the Jessie Golden Earth Series which made her an international bestselling author. The first part in the series, Quest to the Unknown, won the first price in the  ‘Suspense’ category of Speak Up Talk Radio. The quotes she posted on Facebook resulted in A Whisper of Thoughts, a book dedicated to her parents. Currently Annelies is finishing ‘Learn to Understand Your Original Self’ and parts 3 and 4 in the Jessie Golden Earth Series.


Her latest work

Nice Doing Business with You, Ma’am (only available in Dutch for the moment)

This book tells the story of 26-year old Lisa Simon as she enters the world of fast money after a move to a new city. As a rookie and one of the few females, she has to keep going in a male-dominated world which is definitely not so easy.  With the help of her boyfriend, Jack, she tries to find her way in the snake pit of jealousy, sexual intimidation, #MeToo-situations, temptation and deceit. There’s something new to experience every day. Her interaction with men leads from time to time not only to hileareous situations but also to harrowing encounters. Supported by her colleagues Ed and Karen and her business friends John and Hannah she discovers during her thriving career that honesty, perseverance, self-esteem, know-how and hard work are the key to success.

Book Review

“Nice Doing Business With You Ma’am is an amusing story about a business woman in a male manipulated world. Reads very easily, like a train, better a high-speed train, with humor and a message. Top story for both men and women.”

Dick Kroon, CEO Hirschmann Multimedia B.V.

Nice Doing Business With You Ma’am is a  well-written and easy to read book. It provides insight with a smile and wink in the experiences of a woman in the international finance world and describes the start of a promising career to top executive. Thoroughly written with humor, excitement and – currently very real – #MeToo-situations. I read it with much pleasure.”

Han Mouton, CFO Johan Cruijff Arena

Nice Doing Business with You, Ma’am is a very enjoyable read and highly recommended. After reading the book you do start thinking…to what extent are we so woman-friendly? We still have steps to take. “

Dennis Kuipers, CEO AnylinQ, author

“It’s a powerful, easy-to-read and humorous book that deserves attention. It invites readers to think about gender inequality and the need for change, while simultaneously entertaining them with an engaging narrative and keen observations. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a book that both excites and amuses.”

Arie den Heijer (retired, former account director RoutIT, part of KPN)

Her Other Work

Fiction and Non-Fiction

In addition to Nice Doing Business with You, Ma’am and the Jessie Golden Earth Series, International #1 bestselling author Annelies George writes both fiction and non-fiction.

Founder Of Loveable Light

After writing the second part of the Jessie Golden Series  Darkness and Light, she initiated ‘LOVEABLE LIGHT’ to help the Earth spin in an energy of POSITIVITY, LIGHT and LOVE. These topics are also intertwined in the Jessie Golden Earth Series, since the author aims to pass a very important underlying message throughout the entire saga (five parts).


On her Facebook Page Annelies writes blogs about specific video themes. Her videos deal with subjects that matter and are closely related with the Loveable Light initiative that Annelies started in 2016.


Have an idea in mind as topic for Annelies George’s next Loveable Light theme video? Do you have a question about her books? An interview request? Contact Annelies by simply dropping a line below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.