A Non-Fiction Work:



Why She Decided to Start Writing This Book…

Over time much has been written about life after death, our origins and the road to perfection. In the last couple of years the phenomena of “soul mate” and “twin soul” have become extremely popular. Most of the non fiction work addressing these topics are written in all sincerity and fairness. It reflects the truth of the unknown in the experience of the author, being inspired in different ways.

“I am a very rational person. The intangible is completely irrational. If it hadn’t been for a bunch of extraordinary events that happened during my own life, I would not have been able to accept that not all can be explained by the human mind.” 

My ‘Own’ Truth

In most non fiction work the authors have been directed by a “guide”, helping them to complete this complex topic. Sometimes it is difficult to cope with the subject itself, as the matter is not easy to understand.

Based on her “own truth”, combined with some unusual experiences and her years of research in the paranormal world, Annelies is currently re-writing a non fiction work. She tries to provide clear and insightful answers to the unknown. Step by step, she paints a picture of the world on the other side, revealing our original self through simple drawings. 

Learn to Understand Your Original Self  is being rewritten from the original plot to make it more accessible for people to read.


“From the arising of our soul, the soul group, our stay in the Source, the descent to Earth, life itself and the way back, I aim to deliver a book that has nver been written in this manner before.\” 

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