Work in Progress

Unpredictable Affairs

In parallel with the Jessie Golden series, Annelies is currently writing a romantic thriller. Unpredictable Affairs  is revolving around a new Internet dating site. Since she is still in the middle of developing the plot, more details will be revealed when she has finished the book. The story will, however involve elements of true friendship, deception, far- reaching hate, profound love and unexpected twists. 

“Only a few men were upset that I subscribed to the site for research.”

It’s set predominantly in the US and the Netherlands. Among other things she actually subscribed to a national, very serious dating site.

“To be able to write Unpredictable Affairs I had to perform some research,” says Annelies. “Whenever men reacted I immediately revealed I was doing some research for a book on the topic.”

Most of the males who contacted her were quite helpful in providing additional information. It gave her a more or less realistic picture of why the majority of people are opting for this method of finding a spouse.

Apart from her own experience, she interviewed females who actually had been on some other sites. “The comments ranked from ‘horrible’to ‘very successful’, Annelies says. 

What also seemed to be normal practice in some cases was the mentioning of the size of the penis. And that was not because they asked for it; the men in question just sent it as a matter of courtesy!

“Some of the interviewed women got full frontal pictures of the male’s manhood.”


Only a few of them indeed found their “Prince Charming”. Others were shocked by the sleazy way they were approached. 

“A common thing was men asking for the size of their bra,” Annelies says.

To conclude her own research Annelies will undertake some last “real life” experiences in this area. The whole modern dating scene is not her piece of cake, although she is very happy for those who found their true love in this way.