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Annelies writes fiction and non-fiction. In her fiction books she tries to intertwine real events with fantasy, thus creating a realistic story with an underlying message. At present she completed 3 out of the 5 parts of The Jessie Golden 21st Century Earth Series, with part 1 (Quest to the Unknown) published and part 2 (Darkness & Light) to be expected in Q1 of 2019. She is currently busy writing part 4 in the Series (The Prophecy, the 7 disasters before the Apocalypse).

Based on her research for the Series, she also completed a non-fiction book (Learn to Understand Your Original Self), which she currently is re-writing to make it more accessible to read.

Curious? Scroll down if you are interested in a short description of her books. Or click on the underneath links to find some more background information on her work. THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST!

The Jessie Golden 21st Century Earth Series

quest to the unknown, annelies george

Part 1: Quest to the Unknown (published)

Part 2: Darkness

Part 2: Darkness & Light (expected Q1 2019)

Work in Progress


Unpredictable Affairs, author Annelies George

Unpredictable Affairs, expected 2019/2020


learn to understand your original self, author annelies george

Learn to Understand Your Original Self


Radio Interview Video

My first US Radio Interview with Pat Rullo, host of Speak Up Talk Radio

Is Life on Earth about to be Changed?

Annelies’ view on the current state of the world and what we can do about it.

Is World Peace still possible despite the new missile launch by Kim Jong-Un?

There is a close connection between Quantum Physics and World Peace. Annelies explains.