This week I posted a new video, I AM ME. Reason to choose this topic was yet another article I read about a young boy that was bullied at school because of his appearance. His life had become a living hell and therefore he tried to commit suicide. I felt extremely sad. How horrible it is that people are treating each other badly based on criteria set by society to determine who is “beautiful” or “ugly”, solely looking at a person’s cover? These “criteria” usually emerge from a mindset, often created and fed by images shown in the media, (in)directly leading to the definition of who is “beautiful” or not.
If you look at it the whole concept is extremely peculiar. First of all because our appearance is genetically determined. You’re just born with a certain “jacket” and that’s a given. You can’t change much about that and why should you? Furthermore another thing crossed my mind. What if television, magazines, billboards etc would show/feed us constantly with pictures of the ones society now calls “ugly”? Would those be called “ugly” now become suddenly “beautiful” because our mind is constantly fed with their image, mostly associated with products or things we like? And those who are now called “beautiful” would be defined as “ugly” since their image is not displayed anymore? Would they suddenly experience the same treatment as some of the others are facing right now? You see? Apart from many other reasons that alone is showing how nuts it is to treat a person badly based on its looks and that’s exactly what I try to make clear in my video.
Over the years a positive change is happening in the media. Advertisers are using more and more the everyday person in their commercials, with all kinds of looks. It might help to make people understand how irrelevant our appearance is when we interact with each other, although I realize that this twisted mindset is deeply rooted in our society.
I am Me, You are You, We are We. Our appearance is genetically determined. It’s a fact, a given. The definition of “beauty” concerning the way we look is a fantasy with all that implies. Too many children and adults are getting hurt. Let’s try to put a stop to this nonsense. Instead, we should focus on the beauty within, called love. It will bring so much more light, joy and happiness in the lives of so many people.
Let’s make the world a better place to live.