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Quest to the Unknown centers around Dutch reporter Jessie Golden. She is unaware that she is destined to fulfill a life mission that will be crucial for the survival of planet Earth. Her journey begins when she finds a manuscript, leading her to an unexpected quest. At the same time Jessie launches an investigation of the father of her fiancé. This leads her into the dark and mysterious underground world of the mob. Can the ones she implicitly confides in, still be trusted? Is nothing what it seems?

The first part of the Jessie Golden Earth series… 

will introduce you to the main characters of the saga. It’s an intriguing story of exceptional mother love, the far reaching consequences of choices in life, genuine feelings, blind faith and brutal deception, set in a multitude of countries in today’s fast moving business world.


In short, everything is linked – there are no coincidences – and I admire the way the author has been able to capture all in this fiction novel,” says Viola Robbemondt, freelance journalist (Soulwoman, Cosmopolitan) about Quest to the Unknown.

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Darkness & Light is set five years after the brutal attack in Jessie’s apartment. From Miami to the Seychelles, the now married journalist continues her life journey, fighting at the same time against her profound feelings for someone from the past. Meanwhile her husband Carlos Gomez is facing the consequences of his fathers changed last will. He plots a devious plan that will have far reaching consequences for all involved. At the same time chief inspector Benson discovers some unusual facts. Turners final words appear to have a shocking meaning. The story has a thrilling end in Ravello, Italy, where all the characters come together at the prestigious CEO of the Year Gala. Who will survive?



In the second part of the Jessie Golden Earth Series …

the metaphorical meaning of darkness and light are central themes throughout the story. Hatred, greed, the desire for power, far reaching jealousy, unconditional love and the noticeable changes in today’s climate are only some of the spellbinding features of this plot. 




Once more today’s business jungle is intertwined with the intangible world of the other side. This results in an easily readable exciting story set in various countries around the globe, leading to a surprising unexpected end to this part in the series.



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Unpredictable Affairs is a romantic thriller revolving around a newly-established dating site. The author is writing this book in parallel with the Jessie Golden Earth Series. As usual she is intertwining elements of her own experience and facts with fiction into an intriguing  story with a little warning to be cautious with whom one engages on the internet.


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Learn To Understand Your Original Self  is a non-fiction project the author is currently working on. In the research for the Jessie Golden Earth Series the author spoke with numerous mediums. Based on some other relevant facts she discovered and awkward experiences she encountered along the way, she decided to write a book about the evolution of life and her theory about the world of the unknown. The project is under development with the main part written. The author feels it needs a re-write to make it easier to understand and more accessible to read. She included as well a series of simple drawings to visualize and grasp the content in an easier way.




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