Loveable Light and the Jessie Golden Series

In the year 2012 – when the Maya Calendar stopped, marking the start of a new spiritual age – Munay-Ki was very popular. This old rite from the Q’ero Indians was introduced to the Western World by Dr. Albert Villoldo. Munay-Ki means love energy, the energy of the heart. Through a number of specific initiations you’ll get emotionally and physically cleaned up, making you susceptible for change, focused on a new world in which mankind is more connected with the Earth.

When writing the second part of the Jessie Golden Series (Darkness and Light) I decided to join a Munay-Ki class as part of my research. In the syllabus of the workshop a reference was made to the Theory of Quantum Physics in conjunction with the number 144000 and a prophecy stating that if a group of 144.000 people would gather at sunrise, watching the sun come up in peace and harmony, holding hands, the bundling of positive energy could mean the start of world peace! Intrigued by this mysterious premonition I decided to take a closer look at Quantum Physics.

In a nutshell it all comes down to the structuring of particles. It states that if one particle is more organized than another, the lesser organized particle will be structured in the same way as the more organized one once they meet. And even when they separate the restructured particle will act as its influencer. All of a sudden I saw a parallel with the awareness of the human mind. When it’s less developed than another, it’s more open for ideas of stronger minded characters. And if those ideas are repeated continuously, the less developed mind is starting to believe in these ideas and begins to think in the same way as its influencer, in turn impacting other less developed people.

I reflected on the matter. Historically, it works like a charm if someone has a very bad, almost evil idea. Once launched, it will spread like wildfire. Take Hitler as an example. In no time almost the entire nation was supporting his philosophy and standing behind him, which had far-reaching consequences. The same can be said about terrorist organisations. A conclusive proof that an action of one person can affect those of another, particularly in times of economic set back or other stressful times when people are more vulnerable; in essence it’s very easy to start a “snowball effect”, also confirmed by Quantum Physics.

Fascinated by my findings, I concluded that the snowball effect works well as history proves, so far targeting evil and very bad practices. So why can’t it do exactly the same when the intention is good and full of love? Applying the saying “improve the world and start with yourself”, I started the Loveable Light initiative doing exactly that; making people aware of the working of Quantum Physics at the same time stimulating them to be more conscious about their everyday life and the powerful light within called love.

The Theory of Quantum Physics became one of the cornerstones of the Jessie Golden Saga. The book series and the Loveable Light initiative are very closely connected and dear to my heart. How it fits within the attempt of the protagonist of the book, Jessie Golden, to save humanity from total extinction you have to read for yourself.

In 2016 Annelies initiated Loveable Light. Watch the video to learn more about this initiative.