It was my best friend, Elisabeth, who inspired me to make the video I posted today. She always reminds her children how lucky they are that they are born in the Netherlands (Europe). I couldn’t agree more. Also I, too, am very privileged to be born and raised in a democracy, with freedom of speech, the upholding of human rights and a life without war. It makes me realize that the place where you are born strongly influences your childhood.

Not a day goes by that the daily papers or news channels are filled with topics about the suffering of a vast number of children around the globe caused by the craziness in this world. I feel immensely sad when I see the struggle and pain kids are suffering when they’re trying to flee their country running from war, caused by once again a difference in political view or religion. The horror they have to face in their own country and on their way to a better place is inconceivable.

Also the dark factories sheltering minors that work like slaves to increase the revenues of large corporations are appalling. Particularly in the fashion industry there are recent examples of child labor. When I hear or read about it in the news, I’m shocked. It only happened once that I bought a t-shirt with a brand that later appeared to be produced by minors under horrible circumstances. I immediately threw it away, never buying that brand again. But even today we can’t be absolutely sure that we’re not wearing clothes  made by child which is quite disturbing. 

Also in my vicinity I noted that the rights of children are severely violated. Although the Dutch government is closely monitoring that a child is protected (for example: child labor is practically out of the question), there are instances where severe sexual and physical abuse of little kids is taking place. It leads to different discussions like the system and the level of penalties in combination with a shortage of prisons. Given the downward trend in human behavior the number of incidents increases. It is part of the overall growing level of negative, evil energy.

I am realistic and down to earth enough to realize that neither I nor a whole society can ensure that the examples I mentioned above will never happen again. On the contrary, throughout the centuries mankind has created the world we are currently living in and thinking that it can be changed overnight is a utopia. However, as I explained in earlier video’s and posts, I just simply can’t shut my eyes for the fact that the situation in the world grows ever more stark day after day, also in relation to children.

For those of you who have watched my video’s World Peace and Quantum Physics as well as Our connection with the Earth, you know by now that science is indeed proving that the collective awareness of the human mind can be influenced, leading to a different more peaceful society in the very long run. According to the theory of Quantum Physics we can influence each other, like a snowball changing the downward trend in this world if we try to be mindful of our actions in everyday life, putting a positive mindset and love first in what we try to undertake. Only then will we have a chance to bring change, even though it is only a little bit by now.

So let’s make a start. I envision that eventually, after many, many generations to come, people might reflect on history, hardly being able to imagine that a child could not life like a child in the 21st century since they all do live in peace in the future. Wouldn’t that be something?

Please join me in helping to create more positive energy in this world. Every child ought to have a good and peaceful life. Thank you!


Click on the picture or link to watch the video “A child should simple be a child”.