LONDON BOOK FAIR Fair 2018 (APRIL 10-12)

On the advice of my publisher, Karen Strauss, I visited this week the London Book Fair together with my best friend Elisabeth Alblas, who also is my agent and PR-representative. Karen couldn’t be there since the Fair was too small for her. Furthermore, she is very busy among other activities with the BookExpo preparation, taking place in New York from May 30 through June 3rd.

For us, it was quite an adventure, leaving Schiphol Airport late Monday afternoon. Although we were supposed to land on London City, we ended up in Southampton! Due to extreme weather conditions all London Airports shut down while we were in the air. By taking the train, we arrived at Waterloo Station later than planned, leaving just enough time to grab a quick meal before going to bed.

Fully energized we started our adventure the next day. After a five-minute walk we joined the international crowd and entered the Olympia Hall, eager to meet and engage with as many people as possible. During our visit we had some interesting discussions relating to the Jessie Golden series, so we keep our fingers crossed it will lead to new developments.

Apart from the many publishers, agents and other book related representatives, there were many workshops and presentations you could join. Even David Baldacci was there, discussing his writing methods and creative approach.

One of the surprises of the Fair was the common feedback we got from various people (with different functions) relating to my non-fiction book, Learn to Understand your Original Self. It gave me food for thought, leading to an expedited deadline to get the book ready before the end of this year. There is still a lot of work to do and combined with a full time job and the care of my mother, I hope I will be able to make it.

All in all, it was a great experience. Walking around for a couple of days among other passionate authors and book experts made me realize once again how I love writing, enabling me to share my thoughts on specific topics with the rest of the world. How I wish that I could write for a living, being busy with my books all day!

Well, no fairy-tale for me at this moment! However, no matter what the times may be I’m going to continue to write in the spare time I have, hoping to create through my work some more awareness around the powerful light we all have within: LOVE. And, who knows? Maybe I will be invited one day to the London Book Fair as a guest speaker, sharing my writing experience in front of a crowd just like David Baldacci when my dream transforms into reality!  🙂 

Thanks for your time reading this blog. Have a great day.



Annelies George

On our way to London City

Annelies George

Studying the map