Thanks for watching this month´s Loveable Light Theme video. Integrity is a key important value that – if used and applied by all of us in our everyday life – would seriously have an impact on the way this world works nowadays. I was raised with it and always learned from my parents to be integer. Honesty and the simple way to hold oneself to consistent standards come very naturally to me.

Unfortunately, it is not the case with everyone. I guess that we all faced disappointments in this particular area, at which occasion we discovered a person’s true colors. We feel betrayed, hurt and sometimes lose faith in others due to the experience as such. As a result of the latter we even might become very cautious, reserved and distant, not wanting to be trapped again in the lies of yet another person, despising the caused injustice.

As some of you rightfully commented integrity is a rare thing when it comes to politics. We all have seen and experienced it; one tends to talk this way before the elections and another way thereafter. I guess this behavior is twofold, really. On the one hand every political party is trying to gain as much as voters as possible, promising them the moon to obtain victory. Once they get into government they adapt their promises, partly due to different insights or the fact they need to seek a compromise with the opposition, but all too often because they only used these fake claims to gain power. As a result, things that were essential for you to give them your vote, tend to end up in the garbage bin leading to business as usual.

All is very annoying when it concerns matters that affect you materially or even worse, have a great impact on your day-to-day life. What’s more appalling is the fact that one comes up with fuzzy excuses or even worse doesn’t apologize at all nor makes an attempt to explain the reason for this non-performance. I get it that different insights might lead to different actions. Admitting that you can’t live up to your word, apologizing and explaining the reason why might to a certain extent control the damage. But apparently we might be asking for too much. Nowadays politicians flatter themselves for great leadership or any other kinds of narcissistic bullshit statements to cover up their ass, simply getting away with what they are doing. It is clearly not helping to reinstate credibility after getting back on their word due to a lack of integrity and self-esteem.

A world run by world-leaders who lack integrity is a scary thing, but a fact of life, leading to a vicious cycle with others who claim to do it differently, but fail as well due to the reasons mentioned above. A world based on money, power, own agenda and personal gain is not helping either. And on top of that a society in which people are treating each other without integrity is adding to the vibe of negativity.

We definitely need a change. We can only trust, when one stays true to oneself and others. After all isn’t it in fact each and everyone’s human right to be treated with the utmost integrity and respect? Something to reflect on, particularly by those intergovernmental organizations that are responsible to safeguard each and everyone’s well being.

Thank’s for your time.



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