A New Start


At the end of last year it wasn´t hard to come up with a new theme for January´s Loveable Light video.  After all most of us do have good intentions at the start of each subsequent year. Losing weight, quit smoking, restart with exercise or more focus around family and friends instead of work are some general objectives to be achieved. Initially we´re very passionate to reach our goals, but along the way we proceed with everyday life and lose track of our initiatives.


With the on-going challenges we face around the globe relating to climate changes, such as the plague of locusts destroying the harvest and jeopardizing the food supplies in Africa and some parts of Asia like Pakistan, the horrifying fires in Australia depriving animals and people from their homes and killing millions of animals or the torrential rains in parts of Indonesia, causing major issues, a joint new start seemed appropriate from my perspective.  After all climate change is (in)directly due to our behavior.


The ones who follow my Facebook Page know by now that my philosophy is based on science and common thinking. On the one hand everything consists of energy, meaning that the vibration we create through our actions whether positive or negative interconnect with the energy of the earth. In the third part of the Jessie Golden Earth series I described this as ‘the Laws of the Earth’. What we give to the earth, the earth is giving back to us. If we live in peace and harmony, the earth will surround us with tranquility. However, if we create hate, violence and live selfishly, the earth will surround us with upheaval. Adding to that the emission of greenhouse gasses and the way to climate change as we experience it right now is wide open.  


If we all try to be conscious about the aforementioned causes, we slowly can make a new start to bring change to the situation we created throughout centuries on our lovely planet. Try to be positive, share your love, be selfless and act with your heart, no strings attached and we are opening the door to an influx of positive energy. To reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses we could (continue to) live environmental friendly, refrain from disposing our garbage in nature and be aware about the effects of the emission of greenhouse gasses in our everyday life.  Together with the efforts our governments to reduce this on a worldwide base, we should at least be able to make a renewed start, minimizing the on-going climate change.


Lastly, I would like you to consider the following.  About nine years ago I started to write the Jessie Golden Earth series with the underlying message that change is needed to avoid a drastic shift of life on earth. Especially in part three, The Prophecy: the seven disasters before the final Apocalypse, I give some examples of what might happen if we close our eyes for climate changes. Therefore, I am asking you to consider what I try to communicate in this blog and all other videos, messages and blogs I regularly post on my Facebook Page, Instagram and website: please let’s make a change starting today before the unavoidable will happen.


Thank you!



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