Last week I posted the July video with “Change” as main theme. I guess I got inspired by my first US radio interview with Pat Rullo of Speak Up Talk Radio. During the interview she reflected on an earlier published press release (Is World peace still possible despite the new missile launch by Kim Jong-Un) and the associated video (World Peace enabled by Quantum Physics), in which I stipulated that due to the working of Quantum Physics we can affect a change on the long run by adapting our everyday behavior.
Sure, I can’t change the current state of the world on my own. Nobody individually can. But what I can do is to take a step back; a clear reflection on my own life can be the start to change my own behavior in a more caring, loving and positive approach of my everyday (inter)actions with others. If in parallel more people will apply the same process, all these individual combined efforts can indeed influence and motivate other people to act in a similar way, precisely as Quantum Physics states.
And a change doesn’t have to be major. It can be found in the easy and simple things. Put a smile on your face, visit that old neighbor or aunt you haven’t seen for a while, take a little time out of your busy schedule to do something nice for a person who is in need, be a little bit more patient in traffic, wish somebody a nice day if you for instance are walking in the street or standing in an elevator and so on. People will get inspired by your kindness and on their turn apply that same kindness in their approach to other people they meet. In fact, although the change you make is fairly simple, it can have a major impact on others! And science already proved that once a critical mass has been reached it will snowball.
Finally, we need to be conscious that all is energy and therefore we impact the current look and feel of this world. So in fact the current world population is also responsible for the way life on Earth will look like in the future. By starting to make a change now – how little it might be – we can influence the future of our planet.
Always remember that YOU are such an important influencer of tomorrow’s world. Just start or continue to use your light of love and try to have or keep a positive mindset, how difficult that might be due to the circumstances that impacted or are still impacting your life. In the end it matters a lot to those who still will live here after we have passed away.
I thank you once again for reading this post and appreciate all your help to make the Earth spin in an energy of light, peace and love!
The press release Is World peace still possible despite the new missile launch by Kim Jong-Un? can be found on the media page of this website.

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