As some of you know my mother has Alzheimer’s. With every passing day she is slipping more and more into her disease. Lately however, her mind seems to be gone completely although her body is still there. Her health deteriorates badly. Actually, it would not surprise me to wake up one day to learn that she sadly passed away.
Our lives end without prior warning. Death comes like a thief in the night. We all lost loved ones, some at age, some still very young, unexpectedly taken away from this world. It always feels surreal as if the deceased one can still walk into the door. It makes you realize that life is relative. It can be over before you know it. So, when watching my Mom this weekend I decided to choose LIFE and the way we are meant to live as the topic for this month’s video.
We all have different thoughts and philosophies about the origin of life and whether or not there is an afterlife once we pass away. That is something else I would like to talk about in another video sometime in the near future. Today I want to focus on the precious gift we all harbor within which is love.
In the scope of time we spent here on Earth compared to the infinity of the universe, I wonder why we forgot to put love in the center of our everyday activities, enriching our lives and those of others with joy and happiness. Of course there are the obvious reasons. The world we are living in today is a true sum of the development of our mutual intellect throughout the centuries. For some reason that intellect told us that money, power and ego are very important for our individual development, particularly in the western world where I live. It’s just the way it is. In the hectic of today’s society we have so many other things on our mind that we ignore or forget what life really is about. Add religion and the inability of some to respect that we have a free will and therefore our choice to believe or not and what we believe is inevitable, and you arrive at today’s state of the world.
Earlier on I posted a video relating to our connection with the Earth. How we live and what we do is affecting the state of our planet. Lately we all read in the newspapers about volcanoes suddenly erupting in Hawaii and Guatemala causing death and destruction. It will certainly not be the last natural disaster. So, what can we do about it? I believe that by being conscious about the effect of life on our surroundings (Earth) and the power we have within to shine our light of love thus creating a flow of more positive energy, we can make a first start to change that true sum of mutual intellect development I mentioned earlier on, leading to an important turnaround of all that is in the end.
On top of that; we all know that when someone deceases it hurts like hell. The one thing that will keep us going is the beautiful memory of precious moments filled with love and happiness we shared with this person and the love of others who are trying to comfort us. I truly believe that the more love we have for each other and everything we do will soften the loss of a dear one in the end. Being surrounded by love will heal all wounds like it ultimately will change the condition of the Earth.
I thank you once again for watching the video and reading this post. It truly means that you are at the same page as me when it comes to love and that is making me happy! Together we stand strong!

Click on the picture or link to watch the video “Life.”. It’s about 1.50 minutes long.

Please also watch the video “Our Connection with the Earth.” It runs a bit long (3 minutes) but explains the thought behind the impact our behavior has on the Earth due to the entanglement of energies.