After my visit to Israel several video themes went through my mind. Completely unexpectedly, I knew – when riding my bike on a beautiful Saturday morning – that I should focus on ‘Destiny’ as this month’s topic. When I came home, I immediately went to work. To my big surprise I finished the video in barely four hours as I quickly found the images with the words that suddenly started to appear out of nowhere. Was it destiny?! Or did I just get lucky? Of course, now I’m joking, but I wasn’t in the video.
Looking back at events that occurred in my life, I am convinced that I have to walk a certain road to arrive at my destiny. From time to time I take a deviation but as it turns out I eventually will find my way back to the path I apparently have to take. And that path is unique in its kind which is the case for all of us. With ups and downs we try to unravel the mystery of life in our predestined course. But why do I in fact believe in destiny? There are too many instances to mention, although one very good example sticks out. It was the way I could take care of my dad when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
In the past I was a workaholic. For years in a row my professional career meant the world to me. Travelling around most of the time, managing teams, working for yet another multinational with sky high targets and earning lots of money I was living the fast life when it suddenly changed. To my horror I was made redundant. First, I was upset, angry even with the decision made. But that faded away instantly when I learned soon after the sad news about my Dad. Suddenly I had all the time in the world to nurse not only him in the last four months of his life, but also my Mom for a period of three years before she really had to go to a facility treating Alzheimer’s in advanced stage. To me that’s fate.
The same applies to the people we meet. I tend to believe that some of them crossed my path for a reason. Several persons accompanied me for a while, serving a purpose before they went their own way and I continue with the knowledge and experience they shared. I am sure I will encounter more like these in the years to come. Others will stick with me for a life time, soul mates, like-minded with whom I share a deep spiritual connection. And finally I am unconsciously looking for the one who is the mirror of my soul, with a vibration and light the eye can never perceive.
From time to time I even think that before I was born I experienced the majority of things that I faced and still will encounter in my life. Like a bunch of new lessons and tasks which I have to complete in a series of lives, learning and optimize the only important reason for our being, i.e., to understand and practice LOVE in all we do. Whether you believe this or not, one can’t deny that LOVE is one of the most important ingredients to enlighten our life. LOVE is all comprehensive, a deep profound feeling we share with each other, warming our hearts with happiness and joy. Look at me; in the fore mentioned example I was forced to face reality; my wake-up call to really focus on what matters in life, i.e., LOVE in this case for my parents. Apparently it was my destiny.
This all might sound a bit blurry and I get it that some might think this is a bunch of hogwash. Please do understand we all have different views on life, afterlife and our existence leading to an opinion or – what I tend to call – our own ‘truth’ on matters. The video is therefore displaying my reflection, my truth on what I believe is the cause of our existence, the link with LOVE and the special connection we feel on occasion with others. I hope it may be a source of inspiration, especially with regards to the main purpose of our constant journey through a multitude of lives which is called LOVE.
Thanks for reading my post.
With love,

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