Life is a mystery. We never know when it ends. Today you’re full of energy, planning all kinds of activities to take place in the future. Tomorrow it could be over. A fatal accident, a random shooting, a heart attack; it’s unpredictable what comes next. One day your life runs out of fuel and you’re simple gone, away from your earthly life, back to your original state of living, at least that’s what I believe.

The contemporary world we created has become superficial. The value we place on the quality of life has often more to do with money and the size of our possessions than the simple appreciation of matters that we just take for granted with severe consequences. The media is constantly brainwashing us with the most tempting luxury goods, raising our appetite to buy more and more.

World leaders are also not exactly giving the right example; power, corruption, self-glorification and ego dominate their agenda more than the true welfare of their fellow countrymen, excluding a few individuals who truly like to make a change but usually strand as power and money always seem to prevail. Danger lurks in the darkness when countries are fighting for a piece of land, escalating into war with weapons that could have a severe and crucial impact on this planet.

Apart from that I noticed that in the western world where I live an increasing number of people struggle with mental problems, feeling an emptiness that can’t be erased with the latest and greatest material things.  One tends to look for something, but can’t figure out what that something should be while in fact the answer is not that difficult; it is love that’s lacking in the things we do and share with each other. When people approach the last phase of their lives they finally discover the missing ingredient that could have put a different twist on it which is a weird phenomenon. Suddenly they do regret their shallow lifestyle, trying to make it up in time that’s no longer there.

Taking the above into consideration we shouldn’t waste our time any longer and start to use love in our everyday life. And with that I’m not only referring to the love between people which is of course one of the most essential aspects that need no further explanation. What I would like to emphasize is that love is present in everything we do. Think of a meal you prepare with love for your family, an errand you do for your sick neighbor, a visit you pay to someone who is very lonely, a friendly smile to those you meet on your way. After all it’s the little things that can be of significant value for someone’s experience of life.

Let’s just step out of that flow of human mundanity marked by shallowness, erasing emptiness out of our hearts and mind. Embrace what life is about and breathe love in full as before you know it could be all GONE.

Thanks for watching my videos and reading my posts.

With love,


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