What if… is a question that all of us probably has asked ourselves during our life. Some of us keep on dreaming, being happy with the simple reflection of what they aspire. Others, however, try to live that dream, their vision, in the knowledge that any change needed in life can only happen when making a start.

Like so many others I often wondered if there would ever be put an end to the continuous flow of negative and violent messages, displayed through a variety of channels such as television, internet and newspapers. For those of you who took a look at my Facebook page or websites (www.anneliesgeorge.com and www.loveablelight.com) it’s already known that I decided to make a start by initiating Loveable Light in 2016. Inspired by my research for the second part of the Jessie Golden series (Darkness & Light) and a reflection on what I wrote therein, I knew it was time to translate my words into deeds. Eventually, it’s a matter of putting your own house in order first.

Through my books, blogs and video’s I try to raise awareness of the powerful light we all have within called LOVE. In this hectic world we tend to forget to use this beautiful gift in our everyday life with all the repercussions it has for planet Earth and the wider society (watch the video: Our connection with the Earth which you can find alongside this post). From time to time I, too, must pick myself up if I wander off too much due to my job in the tough business world, where it is still a matter of profit, margin and loads of money.  In fact, it’s today’s society that seems to get lost in a world which was created by human itself during the past centuries.

Science already revealed that the collective awareness of the human mind can be influenced by Quantum Physics. We only need to put it in practice; influence and inspire each other with positive thoughts and deeds of love. In the long run, it will snowball and affect our behavior in the same way as the not so positive ideas and violent deeds have proven the Theory in the past.

Finally, I am fully aware that the “what if…” I sketch in the video is utopian, but as explained above change can only happen with a start. With science proving that the bundling of our positive energy will make a difference in the long run, I strongly encourage you to keep the faith and shine your loveable light whenever you can, as much as you can. United we stand, divided we fall; it is up to all of us to take a stand against the current decline of our civilization and create a different world we all dream of, the “what if world” of love and peace.

Thank you for your interest. I wish you a very pleasant day.



Click on the picture or link to watch the video “What if…”. It’s only 60 seconds long.

Please also watch the video “Our Connection with the Earth.” It runs a bit long (3 minutes) but explains the thought behind the impact our behavior has on the Earth due to the entanglement of energies.