Covid 19/Heroes

Life is unpredictable. Nobody could ever have thought that the start of 2020 would be clouded by a dangerous virus, rapidly expanding across the globe, impacting our everyday life in a way we never anticipated. At first people thought it could not hurt them. But they were wrong. International travel carried the virus across the world. And although some just continued to neglect government directives, visiting crowded places, it became apparent it could strike anyone.
Countries locked down, trying to beat the virus and its impact in the best possible way. People started to plunder supermarkets, or at least that’s what happened in my country. Although the food storage places were sufficiently stocked to continue to fulfill our everyday need, a majority of people wanted to have sufficient reserve in case of. Weird articles, like toilet paper, were sold out as people bought piles of it. I don’t know what came in to their mind as the virus rarely ends up in bowel problems. We laughed about it, at the same time we were shocked when we learned through the news people were stocking themselves with guns in the United States.
We learned how precious life is, finally appreciating how wonderful life was before Corona. Visiting our parents or our friends, enjoying a concert, a walk on the beach or cycling through the forest, holding, hugging and kissing each other without anything to worry about. We felt the pain of not being with the ones we love. Some of us lost their loved ones without having the chance to support them in their last living hours, not being able to hold their hands and say goodbye forever. But we also felt blessed, at least those living in prosperous countries, with a roof above our heads and stocked fridges, noting that there is not so much needed to feel happy in life.
Staying inside was not always easy, but we had and still have to do it. Doctors, nurses and other employees of hospitals and care taking facilities became our heroes, risking their lives to save ours. That’s why we had and still have to follow the rules. With the hospitalization decreasing, countries are slowly easing the rules to allow a 1,5 meter society in which we need to take distance from each other and respect that we still don’t have a vaccine against this nasty disease.
We also noted that during this time of uncertainty and threat, we could forget our disparities, united beating the ugly beast called Covid-19. There’s always a beginning and an end. Hopefully we will not forget the experience and truly seek for the real values in life. How wonderful it would be if we could continue this awareness of equality, love, solidarity but above all the will to survive as one united world that could lead to another world of peace and happiness.
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